Avon Anew Platinum Lift And Tighten Serum Trial Sample

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Avon Anew Platinum Lift And Tighten Serum Trial Sample

Embrace a world where your skin exudes a youthful radiance with the Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Serum. This 10ml gem is your gateway to a visage that boasts a firmer and more sculpted appearance with a seemingly instant lift that captures the essence of age-defying beauty.

About the Serum:
Indulge in the secret to a visibly rejuvenated complexion with our Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Serum. Experience the coveted ‘Anew facelift effect’ within this compact trial size treasure. Ideal for giving you a taste of tighter, lifted skin, this serum is celebrated for its impressive results, with 8 out of 10 women reporting a noticeable firming and tightening sensation.*

Transformative Ingredients:
– Lifting Magic: Crafted with innovative biopolymers, the serum imparts an immediate lifting sensation that endures throughout the day.
– Smoothing Elixir: Featuring our groundbreaking PROTINOL™ technology, this serum works to visibly replenish collagen levels, smoothing the skin’s surface and fortifying its structure.
– Contour Refinement: Watch as your skin achieves a taut effect, increasing in elasticity, and allowing your facial contours to emerge more defined.*

Product Size:
A perfect 10ml to initiate your journey towards taut, sculpted skin.

How to Utilize:
For optimal results, gently massage the serum into your clean face and neck using ascending and outward strokes. Amplify the lifting and tightening effects by pairing it with Anew Platinum Day Cream or Night Cream.

The Verdict:
Clinically validated to amaze—this serum isn’t just promising, it delivers. Based on consumer research with 132 participants, users affirm the Lift & Tighten Serum’s instantaneous firming and tightening impact on their skin. When used in tandem with the complementary day and night creams, the effects are even more swift and striking.

Transform your skincare routine with ease, and witness your skin’s transformation with the Anew Platinum Lift & Tighten Serum.

*Based on a Consumer Study with 132 participants concerning the feel of skin’s surface and consumer perception of product efficacy when used with the recommended creams.




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